I gave my heart away
To a stranger.
Ruffled hair, cute smile,
Just those small little things
That make you fall in love
At first sight.
The first time we talked
Felt like a reunion,
Of two kindred spirits
Who found each other.
It was meant to be i think
And We lay there in the dark,
Our arms almost brushing
Both of us too shy to take the leap;
But as our lips met and our bodies touched,
It felt like coming home.
His lips nibbled his way all over my body;
Healing the wounds others had caused.
He had me captivated-
Like a snake dancing to the tune of a charmer’s flute;
Like A little child
Looking at fireworks
His Eyes twinkling at the outburst of colors .
we talked about our lives ;
our hearts had been
Tossed around
Ripped apart.
But I could see it in his eyes
That he was the one to trust
The kind of person who
Catch your heart before it fell.
And He told me things he had never told anyone ever before
I just listened ,
At the marvel lying next to me;
At his absolute perfection.
And I thanked the universe
For allowing it to happen ,
For making us meet.
And I swear
Each day
I look at him with eyes wide open
My heart stops beating
Just for a second
But Enough to take my breath away
I gave my heart away to a stranger,
And as I melt into his arms
To the familiar warmth of his chest
I realize that
I have fallen in love with this stranger
But he is a stranger no more.







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