I met a guy once,
Who told me of the beauty he saw in me.
He looked into my eyes,
And made me believe
In his love for me.
He amazed me with his resilience ,
And true grit that only few possess.
But times have changed since then.
Life has been hard on him.
I  look at him now
And I see veiled sadness
Behind his smile;
And in his eyes,
I see doubt,
For what his future holds.
I had fallen in love with that guy,
The one who was so sure of himself .
But this new side of him is different.
You see, he gave all his love
To fix me;
He gave away all of his hope
To renew mine;
And he kissed away all my tears,
With his beautiful smile.
So ,with everything I have of him ,
I love him even more now.
He is a part of me.
I look in the mirror and I see-
The the mark his lips left on my neck;
I see the lock of hair he curled around his finger.
But most of all,
I see the smile he drew on me
With his tongue,
And in return took away my silent screams of pain.
I sometimes yearn for the old ‘him’ to be back.
But then I am reminded ,
Of the old broken vases
Made whole again
With gold threads
Someone loved them enough ,
To see beauty in their shattered pieces
That guy did that for me.
And now, it’s my time to do that for him.
The next time I see him,
I am going to keep one hand on his heart
And make him look into my eyes
And  I am going to tell him
That I love him.
I will truly mean it
With every ounce of my being
For everything that holds true in this world,
Those words are going to hold the most truth in them.
He better believe it!
My restless mouth
Will make him feel the passion
That I feel for him
The flame that he had re ignited in me
Will shine brighter than ever
And it’s going to show him the way
To happiness.
He will never walk alone again.

 -Aakriti Pandita


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