I see myself smiling.
I hear my heart racing.
Except it’s not my nerves this time,
It is excitement I feel
Excitement? Woah!
I haven’t been excited in a very long time.
But, my heart is still afraid.
Is it too good to be true?
It doesn’t let me hope too much.
For the pursuit of happiness has always been the bane of my existence .
Ever since I can remember ,
I had a fight raging inside me,
And the devil won every time.
She, with her spiteful words
And vindictive thoughts ,
Brought me down each time.
Wrapped in a cape of insecurities,
She spit venom in my mind.
But I could not let her have me,
I would not.
I did not.
But things have started changing,
The cogs of my life
Are finally clicking into place.
Things are turning out my way.
My smile has made a comeback,
After a long hiatus;
I look at it and I like it!
It might be crooked, but it sure feels great to have it back.
It might not be an easy road to happiness ,
But it’s a road worth riding on.

-Aakriti Pandita


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