Like a glass filled to the brim
With tears of your suffering.
like the rocks
Life throws at you along each curve ,
In the blinding path leading nowhere.
Just like the void at the bottom of your heart,
Ready to engulf you in its nothingness.
Like the nerve wracking feeling
That crawls beneath your skin.
Like the thoughts of the past
You keep rummaging for, in your dreams.
What is life,if nothing but overwhelming,
with its dispassionate emptiness
And subliminal ponderings concealed with mock smiles.
But who needs these adjectives anyway,
When life in itself, is the greatest of them all.

-Aakriti Pandita




3 thoughts on “Life

  1. I’m glad I clicked and read all of your prose. I was getting a bit weighed down at first thinking that I would never enjoy the beauty of the last line. Yes yes yes…’life in itself is the greatest of them [adjective] all.’

    That’s the beauty of just being with the flow of life. And in it, we get to choose how we want to use the adjectives that come with it.


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