Isn’t life funny
With all its ironies
Live, love, laugh
Do it all at once?
It’s not for us
Life doesn’t give us the chance to laugh with the ones we love.
We are the unlovables, my friend!
Life doesn’t grant us a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
Instead, it rains on us and leaves us shivering out in the cold
Life makes us dance to its tunes
Sometimes its foot tapping
Other times it’s impassioned.
But the record never stops spinning.
Life makes love to our miseries
With remorseful cries in our nightmares
The passion of our sorrows so sweet to taste;
It goes on like this,Until one day,
It comes to an abrupt halt
The bullet of time racing towards us,
our goodbye caught mid air;
We see our movie play before our eyes,
As Benign blues play in the background,
Ever so softly.
The end.
-Aakriti Pandita


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