I lie here on an empty bed
Remembering the things you said-
That day, under the glow of the streetlight.
You face- I remember,clearly;
That mole just under your lips ,
Even more impossibly irresistible.
The halo of soft moonlight ,
Bouncing off your hair.
Did I tell you you looked perfect?
I wish I could say we were too.
But i could never be worth
That beautiful smile.
I could never deserve the love,
Seeping from those beautiful blue eyes, Everytime you look at me.
And as I doze off to sleep,
That last thought I have is of
You playing with your hair between your fingers.
You have me and all I could ever be.
Unconsciousness engulfs me, just as
Your laugh echoes in my ears,
And the clink of your bangles
Is what my hear beats to.
I feel your soft touch as
More dreams of you appear at the brink.
maybe one more day wouldn’t do any harm– I think.

-Aakriti Pandita 


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