A little Monday morning inspiration to get the week started on the right note 🙂


‌Standing at crossroads
As you deliberate about which path to choose
I tell you it’s okay
If you don’t like either.
Sometimes in life it’s okay to go back.
The road that goes north could also run south,
But do not ever have a shred of doubt
About what you can do,what you can achieve.
Coal or a diamond,what would you be?
The difference lies in what you make of
The pressures in life, the hardships, the pain.
And remember,There is no place at the top for the vain.
So Hold your head up high with pride
But with A pinch of humility,
Taking setbacks in your stride.
Wait a little, have some faith.
The ladder might be missing a step;
But Don’t be afraid to reach out
For what’s beyond your grasp
Jump and dive, just make an effort
Soon it would be, tightly in your clasp.

-Aakriti Pandita


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