via Daily Prompt: Resist

I get up in the morning-
Determined to make the most of my day,
With confidence, and a spring in my step.
But,as I face myself in the mirror
It screams -“worthless, unsure, insecure”
And I unravel.
This facade of being self content
I can no longer carry on.

You come up from behind me
and whisper  “beautiful” in my ear
How do I tell you, pretty is the opposite of what I feel.

As I read my poems out loud,
You clap and cheer;
But for some reason,I still doubt myself.
My self esteem lower than ever,
My need for validation stronger  than before.

Will i ever be good enough?
Will I ever be pretty enough?
These are the questions  I ask myself everyday.
But lately,you have been answering them for me.
When you compliment me on my worst day,
When you warm up my cold hands
And every single time you make me blush.

It’s a new day;
I check out my reflection in the mirror
It doesn’t talk back.
You lift me in your arms, spin me around
And call me beautiful for the umpteenth time
but,for the first time ever-
I don’t resist, I don’t protest.
I,me,myself- I no longer detest.

-Aakriti Pandita


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