As I think about what to write
Only one thought comes to mind
‘You’- the one who never ceases to amaze me
With his omnipresence.
Or is it my fault that I think of you
Ever so often?
I sigh and lie on my back.
The fan spinning in perfect rhythm with my racing heart.
That’s what thoughts of you do to Me .
From the corner of my eyes,
I spot the necklace you gave me
Lying next to the ashtray;
The carpet littered with,
all the rejected letters I wrote in your name.
The room-a picture of chaos
Just like the one you brought into my life.
But I still long for you, your embrace,
And for a second
I close my eyes,
To trace out
The curve of your lips in my mind.
I can almost hear the sound of your laughter ,
And I swear,
The room smells like aftershave.
I believe it ;
But when my hands almost reach out
To caress your face,
you disappear –
Just like always.
In that moment I realize it was never meant to be.
And now I know for a fact,
These midnight musings will be the death of me.

-Aakriti Pandita


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