I look into your anxious eyes,
Waiting for a sign
For everything to turn out alright.
I glance at your trembling hands,
And my heart sinks
To the infinite depths of a bottomless ocean.
My mind registers your quivering lips,
As my body goes numb
And a silent scream escapes my lips
I see that single tear about to fall
And I lose myself
Into the chasm of never-ending agony.
Fast forward;
Time lapse to the present.
You hear me crying
In the bathroom
You force open the door, close the distance between us-
Envelope me in your arms.
I had this strange feeling
Of being engulfed in warm blankets on a chilly winter day.
That feeling you get-
When you watch the sun setting in the ocean
And you look forward to new beginnings.
What is that feeling called?
“Hope”- your heart whispers
As our bodies meet and your lips touch mine.

-Aakriti Pandita


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