Save me, save me!
Oh what a plight I have been in.
Throw a penny into the jar, have a glass of gin.
Come sit down, listen patiently.
Oh what horrors i have seen!
Enough to keep you awake at night,
For a few years and then some more.
No, don’t sigh, for I have just begun,
Recalling all that I had pushed aside
Into that little corner of my mind-
Where one stores all his secrets;
Secrets or rather, harsh truths
I am too afraid to accept.
But alas the time has come;
My heart grows heavy
Each breath a sin, a luxury I can’t afford.
Oh the irony Of being old!
All the feelings one has to hold
Inside this frail, ailing body.
The soul just looking for a chance to break free.
Oh but I won’t make it easy, I won’t give in
To the temptations of drifting away-
Into oblivion
For I have just too many secrets left .
I pass them on to you my friend
Just don’t let my death make you bereft.

-Aakriti Pandita





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